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Manhattan Motorcars

Robert Serrano

Manhattan Motorcars

Exotic Car Link has proved to be a great success for us as we continue to receive quality leads and turn high dollar inventory into sales with this platform.


Private Party Member

Definitely a real website, it's nice not to be part of a melting pot like the other car sites. I sold my 2010 Ferrari 458 in 7 days.

Foreign Cars Italia

Bob Phletcher

Foreign Cars Italia

Exotic Car Link was the right choice for us! We have had retail leads turn into deals, wholesale deals sold and we have purchased cars. All on one very easy to use site!

Southlake Motorcars


Southlake Motorcars

A quality site with great customer support. Real buyers and sellers that generate big dollar transactions.

Buying an exotic car does not have to be painful. We work hard our entire lives to create wealth and security for us and our families. Buying an exotic car or buying a luxury car is an investment that must be handled with strategy. This is why we've partnered with an exclusive group of exotic car dealers and combined them with affluent private party individuals and created Exotic Car Link, a feature rich sales platform connecting buyers and sellers. Now you can shop exotic cars and luxury cars in one location offered by exclusive sellers. You've just discovered the source, now create your profile and connect.

Sell my exotic car for how much? There are several ways to sell an exotic car in today's market, but only a few that deliver quality results and establish profitable relationships. Exposure to relevant buyers that are not only in the market, but are ready to purchase increases value of your exotic car for sale. Endowing a fellowship with an affluent group of exotic car dealers and private party individuals creates market perpetuity. Sell your exotic car here, and maximize its value.

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